Enable you to ensure the quality of the product

Quality assurance

Lab testing helps identify any
physical or chemical defects in
the fabric that could result in
a sub-par product.


Lab testing helps brands and
retailers adhere to global standards.
It also ensures that products meet the applicable safety regulations.

Customer Satisfaction

Offering excellent customer service
is essential for customer satisfaction.
This involves being responsive to
customer inquiries,

About Us

CAPA Laboratory was founded with the mission to meticulously examine and test products in alignment with Saudi regulations and specifications, with the highest quality standards, and accredited by ISO 17025 standards to safeguard the safety of products imported and traded within the Kingdom.
Our laboratory specializes in conducting a wide range of tests, including product safety assessments, chemical analyses, and mechanical and physical evaluations. Equipped with the highest quality international instruments and staffed by a team of highly skilled technical experts, we ensure thorough and accurate testing procedures for optimal results. At CAPA Laboratory, our goal is to provide reliable testing services to meet the needs of our clients and contribute to the assurance of product quality and safety in the marketplace.
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Capa, meeting the highest quality standards always comes first

Capa is an accredited and notified testing and certification body.
Also, is a recognized testing institute for various other areas and
holds memberships in multiple organizations.

The advantages of our accreditation

Reliable quality in testing & certification

A great trust from customers

Lead time & production capacity

Post manufacturing support

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